Lucky Find

Lucky Find

It’s 8 in the morning of a beautiful summer day. I am really exited to share here the story and final image that came out of my most recent adventure.

I had been researching a magnificent historical building in a Tuscan town for a couple of weeks.

I found some articles online and checked from Google Earth to see where it would be possible to access without been noticed.

The palace is in the historical centre of the town, I new that this was going to be a long shot and was prepared for the disappointment that comes with travelling to a place and having to come back empty handed.

We got in the car early in the morning to travel to our destination, my two year old daughter Luna and my mum where with us.

Very soon after arriving at the palace it became clear that there was no chance of sneaking inside.

Apparently the town council had just started restoring the building and all possible access points where now blocked.

I won’t lay, it was heart breaking!

After a walk around this beautiful historical town, we got back in the car ready to travel back home.

On our way back, on the left side of the road, I noticed a little church that was completely covered in ivy.

On the other side of the road, was an open gate and inside a beautiful farm house that looked abandoned and derelict.

We quickly parked the car, me and Giancarlo jumped out and grabbed camera, tripod and a bag with  some dresses and props.

Accessing was very easy, and when inside we spotted a few beautiful features and corners we could use to shoot the idea I had in mind.

In the largest room there was a wall with wallpaper peeling off and so much texture, ivy was growing inside from the side door and the top windows. 

In the centre were the remains of a large fire place.

I quickly set up the camera, took a couple of shots, put on a red dress that was in my bag and went in front of the fire place.

I was’t sure if I had got anything good until when I got back home and saw the images on PC screen.

It was not the fancy location I had hoped for, but after browsing through Instagram later that day I saw that the stunning palace I so much wanted to access had been used as a location by at least other 50 photographers.

This location wasn’t as elegant, but it was my image, my adventure my vision and all of a sudden it all made perfect sense.

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