There is always an element of truth in a good story. This is the foundation on which my practice is based.

My inspiration comes from a need to express the feelings and ideas that are part of my everyday life as a woman, a mother and the child in me that never fully grew up.

I take pictures of what moves me, using my creative process as a way to heal and show the beauty in the constant struggles we face in our lives as human beings.

The work I produce is mainly portraiture. The intimate approach and autobiographical nature of my practice often result in self portraits.

My photographs present a strong implied narrative, an in-between moment, a small piece of a larger story. I hope the viewer will complete the story based on their own life experience, using their imagination.

The world we see is full of colours and so are my photographs, I use colour to convey emotions.

I plan my images and carefully research the concepts behind the work, but when the time comes, I also want to let the creative flow lead me to the unexpected.

After graduating with a BA in Fine Art at the Crawford college of Art and Design in Cork (Ireland), I moved to London where I set up a photography studio and began working as a commercial photographer while also teaching art classes and art clubs for children.

I currently live and work in London.



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    Feature Shoot interview with Ellyn Kail

    Feature Shoot interview with Ellyn Kail

    I would like to thank Feature Shoot and particularly Ellyn Kail for writing such a beautiful article and giving me the opportunity to talk in depth about my series “The Other Side of Joy”. It is such a personal project, and something that has been so helpful to my growth…

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