I have always been fascinated by old things. To me there is nothing more exiting than a box of old family photographs. You know.. the kind that can be found in the attic, that hasn’t been opened for years and is all covered in dust.

My inspiration comes from a need to express the feelings and ideas that are part of my everyday life as a woman, a mother and the child in me that never fully grew up.

I take pictures of what moves me, using my creative process as a way to heal and show the beauty in the constant struggles we face in our lives as human beings.

The work I produce is mainly portraiture. The intimate approach and autobiographical nature of my practice often result in self portraits.

My photographs present a strong implied narrative, an in-between moment, a small piece of a larger story. I hope the viewer will complete the story based on their own life experience, using their imagination.

The world we see is full of colours and so are my photographs, I use colour to convey emotions.

I plan my images and carefully research the concepts behind the work, but when the time comes, I also want to let the creative flow lead me to the unexpected.

After graduating with a BA in Fine Art at the Crawford college of Art and Design in Cork (Ireland), I moved to London where I set up a photography studio and began working as a commercial photographer while also teaching art classes and art clubs for children.

I currently live and work in London.



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    Julia Margaret Cameron Award Honourable Mention

    Julia Margaret Cameron Award Honourable Ment…

    This past two years have been such a rollercoaster of emotions, for the first time I took the conscious decision to actively get my work out in the world, this isn’t always easy, it helps to be passionate and believe in what I do. This is in my opinion the…

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