Artist Statement

I am a Fine Art photographer based in London.

My work explores issues of decay, abandonment, absence and the relationship between the past and the present.

I find true beauty in the ancient nature of our universe, in how impermanent everything is.

Walking among the ruins of a long forgotten place inevitably raises questions about the identity of the people who used to live there and what their stories may have been.

I like to think of my work as a way to bring back to life those forgotten stories.

In the same way a fading memory may feel like, or how we could imagine someone we never knew, my characters are mysterious and their identity is often hidden.

Each image I create is a fantasy, a visual poem that serve as metaphors for the way pieces of information and memories slowly fade and transform into something new, just as  nature’s slow motion can claim back man-made structures, or the way that with time, something as apparently strong as metal can be reduced to mere flaking dust.

Anna Guadagnini Fine Art Photograher


I have always been fascinated by old things. To me there is nothing more exiting than a box of old family photographs, “you know.. the kind that can be found in the attic, that hasn’t been opened for years and is all covered in dust”. I could spend hours looking through those fading prints, imagining what the lives of the people portrayed must have been like and how they would fit into today’s world.

I’ve grown up in Rome, surrounded by ancient ruins and this has no doubt helped shaping my artistic vision.

When I turned 20 I left my home country and moved to the city of Cork in Ireland, it was my first experience alone out in the world. There I spent 7 wonderful years and graduated in June 2011 with a BA in Fine Art at the Crawford College of Art and Design specialising in photography.

With a Degree and a lot of determination to follow my path I ended up in London were I began working as a freelance photographer, shortly after, together with my partner we built a website, found an affordable space and started running our own photography studio.

Working on a variety of commercial projects for different clients, I expanded my knowledge of photography and editing processes and began to use many of these techniques in my creative practice. 

Up to date I am still based in London, run my own studio and work on personal projects creating images that tell stories.

Anna Guadagnini Fine Art Photograoher



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