Back to Life

Back to Life

During the summer of 2020, in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic and after the first few months of terrifying stillness and isolation, I began to realise what an actual gift was to have so much time on my hands.

I embraced the isolation and loneliness we had all been forced to endure and started seeing it as an opportunity.

At the time I felt the need to search for beauty in abandoned and decaying spaces, with the intent of bringing back to life what others had left behind.

The truth is that what started surfacing from the work I was producing, also held a sense of loneliness and isolation. Looking back now I can see it clearly.

“Back to Life” is a series that reflects my emotional state at the time and the need to create an alternate reality where mystery and magic exist in a timeless space.


The House of the Bride


What Remains of the light

Playing A Song No One Can Hear

Playing a Song no one can hear


A world of my own

Anna Guadagnini Fine Art Photograher Artist

Seeking Light

Memories From A Past Life

Dreams from a past life


Day Dreamer


Unfulfilled dreams

Anna Guadagnini Fine Art Photograher





Solitude of Gold

Deja Vu Fine Art Photograher

Deja vu