Surreal Pool

Surreal Pool

So far it has been a very strange summer, I feel blessed to be able to spend these few weeks at home with the people I love and surrounded by so many abandoned buildings! Only in the space of a few miles I discovered about 20 structures and I am sure that there is more.

A while ago I discovered a very charming abandoned complex with many different structures and buildings.

There was a restaurant with some beautiful features, a house with a staircase that lead to the entrance which looked as if it had come straight out of a fairy tale.

The most amazing thing however, was a very large swimming pool with a bridge and three big mushroom shaped structures at the side.

I went back a few days later in the company of a very dear friend and fellow photographer, Francesca Romana Guarnaschelli.

I was very excited to go on this adventure with such a good friend. As it usually happens when we are together we had a wonderful time.

I really enjoyed seeing the expression of surprise on her face when we reached our destination after crossing a very long field with bags and equipment.

We even had a dog that started following us and staid at our side for the all time.

There was a lot of giggling and way to many mosquitos! 

I took this photograph of her on the pool’s bridge just as the sun had disappeared behind the heels and the light was starting to take on that cool bluish tint that makes everything look so dreamy and surreal.

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